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Hello, everyone! :D

Short Circuit Offline
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Wink Hello, everyone! :D

Hello, everyone!

I am currently 14 (young, I know) and enjoy coding in Lua, PHP, CSS, HTML, and the likes.

I am a decent coder in each field, yet am still trying to strengthen my knowledge in them all.

I am, as you can tell, a brony- yet I hope and pray you stallions will look past this fact and instead look at me for what kind of pony I am.
I may or may not use Ponyspeak (everypony, anywhooves, nopony, etc) on occasions, but I will attempt to refrain from doing so to please the neutrals here.

I enjoy computers and doing ITish tasks- I was plopped in front of a computer for the first time at around six months after my birth. I am a decent IT support stallion (heh, not professionally) and am a decent gamer as well. Tongue

I am good at writing dramatic or informal things, whereas formal writing (APA essays, I'm looking at you) suck.

I tend to get off topic easy... well, not too bad, but there was this one time-
See what I mean?

I am a jokester, I like pulling practical jokes on my family- especially with AppleScript viruses (not harmful- just a few dialogues that get annoying then eventually shut down the computer).

I tend to split my sentences with hyphens- especially on occasions such as now, where I want to add a detail to my current sentence and wish to indicate a pause.

I am an aspiring computer scientist and electrical engineer, with dreams of either working for Apple (if it hasn't been bought out by Samsung by the time I become of age to work), or possibly create my own company.

I am an RPer- specifically dramatic is my favorite. Heh, heh.

My computer's specs may be found at: http://valid.canardpc.com/l7wnz3 -Ignore the CPU speed. That's just Intel's limiter whoovesawhatsit technology. My real clock speed is 3.1 GHz.-
I can be contacted on Steam at: http://steamcommunity.com/scirc

So, yeah. That's me in a few hundred characters or so.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry if I got off topic a bunch or anything- I'm still new here. Tongue
-Short Circuit

*cough, cough* You're still reading? Sweet! Time to flood you with code for absolutely no reason! Big Grin

while true do

-A very strange person.
03-09-2014 03:52 AM

envira Offline
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RE: Hello, everyone! :D

Thank you for joining our MySkins Studio.
Glad you have taken a lot of time in writing the entire post,
Wish you very good luck in your future endeavors.

[Image: lt79ucY.png]
03-09-2014 04:18 PM

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