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Issues with The Theme.

AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe Offline

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Issues with The Theme.

Dear despite few fixes there are still some issues.

1. To bar is still static its not moving when we scroll.
2. When we open any thread, For moderation links there a button "Option" Where the moderation link are. Earlier these were working fine but after the fix these are not working. When we click it it just takes us to top nothing else.
3. The social buttons at top and footer are different. I just want to keep the style of top social buttons.
4. The thanks button you added. I want to change its color to blue. i tried to find its location but could not.
5. In User CP, My Alerts icons are bumped into text. Also they have the old images not the font awesome.
6. The hover effect of whole forum like main page and thread etc is the old yellow color. How ever the hover effect of Tesla was black. Its not showing some how.

Looking forward for help
04-21-2014 03:23 PM

AnaaR_Ka_JuiCe Offline

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RE: Issues with The Theme.

Hello dear ENVIRA
First of all extremely sorry for incontinence caused by the payment delay.

Now For your behavior and manners, please use your head and if there is any thing which is called brain. You call you self DOCTOR, behave like one. I thought you to be a very mature and sensible person but frankly you are worse than immature. I told you many times that DO NOT FUCKIN THREAT ME....
If you think by threatening you can get some thing from me then its only your dream. There are many other sensible ways available to convey the msg, like email, skype, this forum and this fuckin thread. You are shiting in my site like a moron thinking that it will effect me. LOL at your ass.

Are my words too irrittating and pinchy ? My behavior too stupid ? Well it should be. Because the way you are talking and behaving is not at all acceptable to any customer who is spending money and getting shit in response.

There are atleast 15-20 bugs which I fixed my self and still there are many... But you have a very good answer that it may be any plugin fault. Damn it, if that fuckin plugin works on all other themes and not working on this specific theme then its the fuckin theme which is buged.

About the fingering you did with cpannel of my site... LoL at your stupidity. You think you are so fuckin smart and so genius and bla bla ... You may be good in coding the theme but in attitude you are shit and you think with your balls and act with your ass.

Okay now the bitter behavior aside and coming to the point. I am paying you 60 $ for a theme which is 100 % working and free of errors. But what I am really getting in those 60 $..
1. A nice theme full of bugs.
2. A very stingy customer service.
3. Delayed response and very late delivery.
4. and the bullshit for no reason....

This is not the proper alternate to my money spent. If you want full money paid then give me fully working theme free of errors.
you want me to pay you money so later on I keep begging you for the removal of bugs as I did on last time... Seriously ?

Now about the payment. I made full payment and I was also waiting for your response to the thread I have created for bug fixing. But there was nothing. No response of ANY KIND. If there have been any issue with payment you should have told me through any mean by which we did our conversation earlier. But no, because you are a stupid and cant think of anything positive. If you do not tell me about the issue of money then from my side it has been payed.
Now when I saw your msg on my site and later on Skype, then I came to know that there is an issue with payment. So for your kind information, I contacted helpline of my bank, they told me to contact the concerning branch from where the debit card was issued, on Monday, as today is Saturday and a holiday,. So now I will go to them on Monday and will see whats the issue and why the payment has not been made yet.

You delayed your work for 20 days, I did not say anything so stupid as you are doing now, your payment went late for some time and you started bull-shiting every where like a wild bull. Even though it was your fault that you did not convey me timely about the non payment of money.
I am 110 % sure that I will not get any sort of any help/support from you regarding the bugs I am facing, after i have made you payment, because you dont have patience and you are a small hearted person with no guts.
But dont worry I will be making payments to you as soon as the bank tells me why they have not authorized the payment. So till then either wait or translate those threats into reality, whatever you feel like.
Remember this is my response because of your stupid shouts in Dota International and I have commented with lots of patience and manners. So reply sensibly.
05-03-2014 09:56 PM

Yorne Offline

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RE: Issues with The Theme.

Banned bye!
06-16-2014 11:47 PM

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