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Full Version: How to Download Free Themes and Premium Themes at MySkins
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How to Download Free Themes and Premium Themes at MySkins - envira

Hello guys,
Lately i have found that many users are finding difficult to download free themes and premium themes. Here is a simple FAQ / Guide about how to download thoe items from MySkins Shop.

How do i Download Free Themes
We have integrated our download system with a points system, so every user must need required amount of points to download the items listed in the download section of Free Themes category..

How do i earn the points Required
It is pretty easy. The points are calculated based on the activity, New topics you make, New posts you reply , pages you visit. You can have a complete look at how the points are distributed in here :

Can i Download Premium themes with points ?
Obviously No. You need to download premium themes by paying with Paypal, the required theme amount. Users paid would get a link to download after payment is complete.

I wish this guide helps you guys to make your own points so that the site activity would be enhanced along with what you get.
Envira Phani
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