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Full Version: [Release] Majestic - 1.8x Series Dark Edition - Best Dark Creative Premium MyBB Theme
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[Image: DvwbuYb.png]

Hello friends,
After the Successful release of "Majestic MyBB Theme" for 1.8, where it garnered positive response from you guys, i have decided to bring forth a best dark theme that would suffice and replace the successful 1.6x series Tesla Dark.
But Majestic has got all features, that would make a best alternative to a dark theme that i planed to construct.

So i have revised the theme and made the darker version of Majestic, which i think is the best dark premium theme available in the market.
Basically it is all same, from its light counterpart it shares the same aesthetical features.


So lets dive into the features available :
Quote:1. Custom Home Page with
-Custom image slider
-Latest Posts Slider (Number of Latest posts setting can be configured via ACP > Settings)
- Text Ticker
2. Theme UI Control : This is the most improvised version integrated into MyBB so users can have an amazing experience in customizing the layout according to their taste.
- Custom Background Color Changer (includes 12 predefined colors)
- Custom Background Pattern Changer (includes 18 predefined Patterns)
- Custom Background Image Changer( includes 6 predefined images)
- Custom Theme Width Changer.
3. Powered with Latest Css3 features like Animations, Buttons, Poll Bars, Main Navigation etc.
4. Jquery Tabs, Modal Login Boxes, Custom Search, Menu's etc.
5. Custom Fonts and Icon Fonts Integrated with nearly 99% of MyBB icons replaced with icon fonts, that are subjected to change colors according to theme UI control Options.
6.Custom User Profiles with Modern Style.
7. Clean, Elegant, Modern, Light, Minimal Design that suits any type of Forum.
8. Custom editor for New Thread and New reply.
9. Quality support to respond for any issues with the theme.

Demo/Previews :

Here are the previews of the theme :

Index Page :
Index Menu :
User Menu :
Index Modal Login :
Index Pattern Changer :
Index with Background Image :
Index Fixed Blue Color :
Index Blue :
Index Green :
Index Dark Blue :
Index Grey :
Index Purple :
Index yellow :
Index Orange :
Index Turquoise :
Index Pink :
Index Navy :
Index Dark :
Portal Page Slider :
Portal Descriptive Columns :
Portal Slider :
Forum Display :
Postbit Classic :
Postbit Horizontal :
User Cp :
Profile :
Editor :

View the complete Album here : Link

Price & How to Buy :

The price of the theme is $20 for a single copy.
Copyright Removal is $30 Extra which is optional.

Payment is via paypal only and you can buy it from our MySkins Shop Only.
Note: No third party sellers are given a license to sell the theme.
Guests should register to purchase the theme and enjoy the quality and fast support and updates.

Buy it now : [Image: 6vAMWxN.png]

Support and License :
Please click the license here before making Purchase : Link

The theme Comes with a custom license included in the theme package.
The Documentation is included within the package which includes the FAQ's of Theme, and various tutorials on how to optimize the theme.

Thank you for supporting MySkins and we wish to bring more good themes in future.
We hope you guys love this work , and spread the word so we could make a few sales.

Please support us, designers and prevent piracy, this is my sincere request as we kept hours of hard work on this theme.

Thank you guys,
Envira Phani
MySkins Studio.
good looking Envira
just a sugestion
maybe a little of opacity on the container think it would look better so the bg image shows a bit

anyway good work Wink
Love the theme now reply to my friend who bought it so we can use it.
Superb. Awesom...
Pretty cool.Your collections are amazing.

is it available for 1.6*????
#moved to feedback section #
Read my feedback here
Thank you.
I bought before.
I should buy again ?
Nice !
I really like the dark version of this theme. I want to buy it but before that i want to see this theme live.
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