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Full Version: TeslaDark Premium Flat Modern Dark MyBB Theme
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[Image: ffBdq1D.png]

Hello friends,
Today i am going to present you, the theme which i have been working for many days, to make it the best release till date from our Studio , "Tesla Dark".

Flat Desire has been best till date in terms of design and sales, and thanks all for making it a huge success. Many requested a darker version of Flat'Desire theme which i dont want to make as Flat Desire is very unique theme.

But i want to satisfy all the users, started off from scratch and make this new release from our studio "Tesla Dark".
Please dont ask why i kept that name, i was reading a lot of books about Nikola Tesla, who really inspired me in the past few months and as a tribute i just kept his name.

Features :
So quickly into the features :
This Theme has many new features which were never previously tried by me and i wish you guys would love them too.

1. Font Awesome Icons Replacing 90% MyBB Images : This i have to explain as i have literally made all possible icons integrated into MyBB system that took many days of work.
- All On/ Off icons, Thread Status Icons, Usercp, Modcp , Showthread, Postbit etc are replaced by font awesome icons.
2. Flat Dark Clean UI/UX design.
3. CSS3 Main Menu & jQuery Dropdown menus, Options Panel in show thread and threadlist.
4. CSS3 Animations for icons and links.
5. Modal Boxes.
6. CSS3 Postbit, Threadlist, Showthread Buttons.
7. Custom User Profiles.
8. Custom Editor.
9. Custom SIdebar with Rotating Banners.
10. Tabbed Statistics.
11. Custom footer design with Social Links.
12. jQuery Expanding Search Bar, Anouncements. etc. and lots more...

Demo / Previews :
Live demo cold not be possible as i have had serious hosting issues and would be setup once i move to a new host in a week time.

Here is a walk-through video i have made and this certainly lists out all possible features i have integrated.

Here are Previews of the pages : < View in Full resolution>

Complete Album : Link

Index Page :
Welcome Block :
Guest Index :
Main Menu :
Tabbed Statistics :
Footer :
Modal Login :
Threadlist :
Classic Postbit :
Horizontal Postbit :
Breadcrumb Navigation :
Postbit Buttons :
Threadlist Options Panel :
Showthread options panel :
Mod Cp :
User Profiles :
User Cp :
On Off Icons with Icon fonts :
Expanding Search Bar :
Sidebar Banner Carousel :
Custom Editor :
Custom Spinner :

Price & How to Buy :

The price of the theme is $20 for a single copy.
Copyright Removal is $30 Extra which is optional.

Payment is via paypal only and you can buy it from our MySkins Shop.
Guests should register to purchase the theme and enjoy the quality and fast support and updates.

Buy it now : Click to buy the theme now

Support and License :

The theme package includes a custom written License and extensive documentation which includes FAQ's and answers for regular problems.
It also includes about how to edit basic features of the theme.

Thank you for supporting MySkins and we wish to bring more good themes in future. We hope you guys love this work , and spread the word so we could make a few sales.

Please support us, designers and prevent piracy, this is my sincere request as we kept hours of hard work on this theme.

Thank you guys,
Envira Phani
Awesome theme Envira Smile
(11-29-2013 03:43 PM)Dominic L. Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome theme Envira Smile

Thank you brother Smile
Looking great, i deffenetly think about buying it
(11-29-2013 04:31 PM)Sami Kangas Wrote: [ -> ]Looking great, i deffenetly think about buying it

Thank you for your kind words Smile
Looking forward for sales,
Looks great bro,but reminds me a lot of flat desire. Also are you using Fa-4 or fa-3? I have started the painful conversion to fa-4.
I started this along with FD, using 3.2 still, not upgraded to 4 , btw there is not much need t convert just for few icons, but if u want few kb's of bandwidth saved you can convert or else there is no need.
I wish I could get this one for free, but I think I might buy it for this one.
Hello Envira.

I have bought this theme but haven't received the download to my email(again)
I think that i am the only one experiencing this problem. Could you please send this theme to my PayPal mail which i used to purchase the theme?
I got the transaction details in case you might need them(just ask me for it if you want it)
Thank you so much dude. This theme is really cool and very nice, just as all your works are Smile
I rarely see dark themes that still have that clean, professional look but you managed to do that with TeslaDark.

Awesome job!
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